“Buy the commodity, sell the brand.” – Warren Buffett

Using our own capital and balance sheet, along with select partners, we acquire, develop, own and operate all real estate asset types and classes.


The Company seeks to acquire undervalued real estate assets that have good fundamentals, but are suffering from one or more of the following:

  1. Undercapitalized
  2. Overleveraged
  3. In need of physical improvements
  4. Lack of adequate management team


We seek ground-up development or redevelopment opportunities where we can create unique and authentic places. The accessibility and sharing of information through the internet has connected people across the world. As fantastic as global connectivity has been, humans still crave community and a face-to-face connection to other people, places and things beyond a “screen”.

We believe there is a huge opportunity to connect people to where they live, shop, work, eat and play and are actively seeking opportunities to create these enriching experiences through our real estate projects.